Vivekananda Nidhi, a Public Charitable Trust , was established in February 1980 by the late Swami Yuktananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna Order. Since 1981, when the then Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi, delivered the Keynote Address in the first ever national seminar on ‘Value Orientation in Human Problem Solving’, the Nidhi has been working in the field of Value Orientation, Environmental Education and Ecological Ethics. All its activities—researches, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, courses, programmes in search of excellence—are geared to make people aware of values and condition actions accordingly. Vivekananda Nidhi focuses on the traditional concept of oneness of Indian wisdom for creating a sustainable community which is now condoned by modern science and ecological ethics. Although centred in India, the Nidhi has a worldwide vision.

What it wants to do :

The aim of the Nidhi is to resuscitate society by reflecting life’s basic values in actions and behaviour. It offers an opportunity to all those willing to work and participate in this effort and extend this endeavor to a national and international movement which will restore to India and the world the human values that have been temporarily eclipsed.

Value Orientation :

If we care to analyze and comprehend the malady that has overtaken the society in India and other countries, we shall see that the root-cause of the present undesirable state of affairs is because the common man has been led to forget and abandon basic human values.
A value is a desirable quality in a person’s character. It is a quality that is true for all people everywhere. Unselfishness and sympathy, for example, are qualities that are recognized everywhere in the world as fundamental values. Values are thus universal and emanate from the very nature of human beings. They come into play when we are to take decisions. Value Orientation means the harnessing of man’s latent energy for achieving the objectives of human life. Human impulses are like fire. Uncontrolled, they bring about disaster; completely extinguished, they spell death; contained, their utility is unlimited.

 Value Orientation teaches us to contain our human passions and trains us to use them for realizing our goals, both visible and invisible. For, if our thought and behavior are not consistent with the basis values of life, there cannot be any development whatsoever.

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