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The Work Programme

For all practical purposes Vivekananda Nidhi is an institute of Value Orientation. The schedule of activities comprises :
  • 1. Residential programmes on Value Orientation for Self-Empowerment & Self-Management for students and Teachers at its campus at Shrirampur, 35 km off Kolkata, on the Ganges .

  • 2. Executive/Entrepreneurs Development Programme with thrust on Value Orientation, Pratyahara Yoga and Stress Management.

  • 3. Seminars, symposia, workshops, group discussion, programmes in search of excellence for students on Indian Culture/Heritage, Values, Environment Awareness.

  • 4. Researches-completed 2 NCERT sponsored researches among others.

  • 5. Publication-monthly bulletin, journals, monograph and relevant books on Value Orientation and allied subjects.

  • 6. Study circles, discourses and cultural programmes on the Nidhi’s twin themes.


Swami Yuktananda
Values and Ourselves ISBN 81-900080-3-XPB 65.00
ISBN 81-900080-4-8HB 100.00
(Only available comprehensive manual on VALUES and VALUE SYSTEMS for managers, administrators and teachers)
A Few Lives and their Value Perspectives : Sri Ramakrishna ISBN 81-900080-9-9 150.00
Value Vision ISBN 81-88415-00-6 150.00


Dr S K Chakraborty
Human Response in Organizations:
Towards the Indian Ethos (HB) ISBN 81-900080-0-5 125.00
Values in Our Lives: A Pilot Study (A Research Report) ISBN 81-900080-2-1 45.00
Value Orientation in the World of Indian Management/Administration ISBN 81-900080-5-6 75.00


Amiyansu Chakrabarti & Shitangshu Chakraborty :
In the Valley of Values : Glimpses from Tagore Songs ISBN 81-88415-04-9


Dr S C Chakraborty (ed) :
Value Orientation & Environmental Education ISBN 81-900080-1-3 60.00

Dr Syamal Kr Chakrabarti:
Banglar Nabajagarane 0 Sahitye Ramakrishna-Vivekananda (Bengali) 190.00
Based on the doctoral research under University of Calcutta ISBN 81-900080-6-4


R K Bhattacharya
Kayekti Jeebane Mulyabodh : Sri Ma Sarada Devi ISBN 81-88415-01-4 (Bengali) 120.00
A Few Lives and their Value Perspectives : Sri Ma Sarada Devi ISBN 81-88415-06-5 120.00


R K Bhattacharya and Sharmila Mallik (ed)
Values for Managing Development : Thoughts of Swami Yuktananda 120.00
In Search of Roots ISBN 81-88415-09-0 100.00


Sharmila Mallik (ed)
New Problems : Old Solutions (Seminar Papers) ISBN 81-88415-10-6 100.00


Sukanya Mookerjee
Ami-i Jitechhi ISBN 81-88415-02-2 (Bengali) 100.00
(survival of a cancer patient)
Victory is Mine ISBN 81-88415-03-0 100.00
(English version of Ami-i-Jitechhi)


Tapobrata Sanyal
Veder Katha ISBN 81-88415-05-7 (Bengali) 70.00
Introducing the Vedas 100.00


Swami Kalikrishnananda :Ashtabakrasamhita
Astabakrasamhita : The book written by Kalikrishnanandaji (Translation in Bengali verse) ISBN 81-88415--07-3 (Bengali) 150.00
Value Orientation in Human Problem Solving 300.00
The proceedings of the first three-day seminar on the theme held from 3 Jan. 1981;
Includes the keynote address of Indira Gandhi
The Role of Values in Promoting Harmonious Development ISBN 81-900080-7-2 150.00
The proceedings of a one-day seminar on the theme held on 21 Nov. 1992
Controlling Corruption 50.00
The proceedings of a panel discussion on the theme held on 13 February 1999
Traditional Values and Folk Culture in a Changing Society ISBN 81-900080-8-0 125.00
A collection of papers presented at the seminar held on 13 February 2000
Value Orientation (monthly) Annual Subscription 50.00
Rodasi (Bengali monthly) Annual Subscription 50.00
Audio Cassette :Instruction and Practice of Pratyahara Yoga (mind stilling), English and Bengali