The Work Programme

For all practical purposes Vivekananda Nidhi is an institute of Value Orientation. The schedule of activities comprises :

1. Residential programmes on Value Orientation for Self-Empowerment & Self-Management for students and Teachers at its campus at Shrirampur, 35 km off Kolkata, on the Ganges .
The speciality of Vivekananda Nidhi is that during the students' programmes it offers not only "Human Value Education and Environmental Education" but also provides free medical camp conducted by two FRCS Medical Advisers Dr Jati Ranjan Banik and Dr. (Mrs) Minati Banik.They  provide medical education, medical supervision and medical treatment for at least 25 persons including students and outsiders at one session. Besides prescriptions, if necessary, they also provide immediate medicines.

Valedictory session , Serampore Girls' High School - Dr Jati Ranjan Banik sitting(L)

2. Executive/Entrepreneurs Development Programme with thrust on Value Orientation, Pratyahara Yoga and Stress Management.
3. Seminars, symposia, workshops, group discussion, programmes in search of excellence for students on Indian Culture/Heritage, Values, Environment Awareness.
4. Researches-completed 2 NCERT sponsored researches among others.
5. Publication-monthly bulletin, journals, monograph and relevant books on Value Orientation and allied subjects.
6. Study circles, discourses and cultural programmes on the Nidhi’s twin themes.


Swami Yuktananda
Values and Ourselves ISBN 81-900080-3-XPB 65.00
ISBN 81-900080-4-8HB 100.00
(Only available comprehensive manual on VALUES and VALUE SYSTEMS for managers, administrators and teachers)
A Few Lives and their Value Perspectives : Sri Ramakrishna ISBN 81-900080-9-9 150.00
Value Vision ISBN 81-88415-00-6 150.00


Dr S K Chakraborty
Human Response in Organizations:
Towards the Indian Ethos (HB) ISBN 81-900080-0-5 125.00
Values in Our Lives: A Pilot Study (A Research Report) ISBN 81-900080-2-1 45.00
Value Orientation in the World of Indian Management/Administration ISBN 81-900080-5-6 75.00


Amiyansu Chakrabarti & Shitangshu Chakraborty :
In the Valley of Values : Glimpses from Tagore Songs ISBN 81-88415-04-9


Dr S C Chakraborty (ed) :
Value Orientation & Environmental Education ISBN 81-900080-1-3 60.00

Dr Syamal Kr Chakrabarti:
Banglar Nabajagarane 0 Sahitye Ramakrishna-Vivekananda (Bengali) 190.00
Based on the doctoral research under University of Calcutta ISBN 81-900080-6-4


R K Bhattacharya
Kayekti Jeebane Mulyabodh : Sri Ma Sarada Devi ISBN 81-88415-01-4 (Bengali) 120.00
A Few Lives and their Value Perspectives : Sri Ma Sarada Devi ISBN 81-88415-06-5 120.00


R K Bhattacharya and Sharmila Mallik (ed)
Values for Managing Development : Thoughts of Swami Yuktananda 120.00
In Search of Roots ISBN 81-88415-09-0 100.00


Sharmila Mallik (ed)
New Problems : Old Solutions (Seminar Papers) ISBN 81-88415-10-6 100.00


Sukanya Mookerjee
Ami-i Jitechhi ISBN 81-88415-02-2 (Bengali) 100.00
(survival of a cancer patient)
Victory is Mine ISBN 81-88415-03-0 100.00
(English version of Ami-i-Jitechhi)


Tapobrata Sanyal
Veder Katha ISBN 81-88415-05-7 (Bengali) 70.00
Introducing the Vedas 100.00


Swami Kalikrishnananda :Ashtabakrasamhita
Astabakrasamhita : The book written by Kalikrishnanandaji (Translation in Bengali verse) ISBN 81-88415--07-3 (Bengali) 150.00
Value Orientation in Human Problem Solving 300.00
The proceedings of the first three-day seminar on the theme held from 3 Jan. 1981;
Includes the keynote address of Indira Gandhi
The Role of Values in Promoting Harmonious Development ISBN 81-900080-7-2 150.00
The proceedings of a one-day seminar on the theme held on 21 Nov. 1992
Controlling Corruption 50.00
The proceedings of a panel discussion on the theme held on 13 February 1999
Traditional Values and Folk Culture in a Changing Society ISBN 81-900080-8-0 125.00
A collection of papers presented at the seminar held on 13 February 2000
Value Orientation (monthly) Annual Subscription 50.00
Rodasi (Bengali monthly) Annual Subscription 50.00
Audio Cassette :Instruction and Practice of Pratyahara Yoga (mind stilling), English and Bengali

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