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Vivekananda Nidhi, a Public Charitable Trust , was established in February 1980 by the late Swami Yuktananda, a monk of the Ramakrishna Order. Since 1981, when the then Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi, delivered the Keynote Address in the first ever national seminar on ‘Value Orientation in Human Problem Solving’, the Nidhi has been working in the field of Value Orientation, Environmental Education and Ecological Ethics. All its activities—researches, seminars, workshops, panel discussions, courses, programmes in search of excellence—are geared to make people aware of values and condition actions accordingly. Vivekananda Nidhi focuses on the traditional concept of oneness of Indian wisdom for creating a sustainable community which is now condoned by modern science and ecological ethics. Although centred in India, the Nidhi has a worldwide vision.

Landmarks :

1980 :

Swami Yuktananda founded Vivekananda Nidhi.
On the request of the late Indira Gandhi, Swami Yuktananda addressed a group ofParliamentarians at Mavlankar Hall, New Delhi, and spoke on ‘Value OrientationIn Leadership Pattern’.

1981 :

The late Indira Gandhi delivered the Keynote Address at the first ever three-day public discussion organized in India on ‘Value Orientation in Human Problem Solving’. The recommendations of the three-day seminar studied by the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, leading to many more government sponsored seminars on the subject.
Vivekananda Nidhi recognized as an Institution by the Indian Council of Social Science Research and subsequently by DSIR of the Ministry of Science & Tech- nology as a ‘Scientific & Industrial Research Organization’.
‘Value Orientation in Environmental Education has to be a World Movement’— a resolution adopted at the International Conference on Environmental Education at New Delhi. Swami Yuktananda called upon to deliver the Keynote Address on ‘Value Orientation in Environmental Education’.
An innovative course on ‘Value Orientation and Environmental Education’ started.

1982 :

The First National Conference of Parliamentarians and Legislators held in New Delhi. Vivekananda Nidhi, the initiator of the Value Orientation movement, participated in the Conference and was a member of the Resolution Framing committee. One of the resolutions was for the University Grants Commission to be involved in the implementation of Value Orientation through the educational system. The nation took up the theme. NCERT given the assignment of incorporating Value Education in the school curricula.

1984 :

A three-day course package, including demonstration and instruction in Pratyahara or stress management through psychosomatic systems approach, designed and offered to many groups at various places in the country including universities, financial institutions, public and private sector enterprises, schools professional organizations.

1985 :

The President of India late Giani Zail Singh released two of the Nidhi’s publications.

1987 :

Citizenship training and action research on integrating value awareness into school curricula taken up.

1988 :

The Shrirampur Rajbati on the river Ganga, spread over nearly 1.3 acres, with a magnificent building and a collection of nearly 4000 precious books, bequeathed to the Nidhi for the development of its campus.

1992 :

Dr Manmohan Singh, the then Union Finance Minister, inaugurated a national seminar on ‘The Role of Values in Promoting Harmonious Development’ at the campus.

1994 :

Five-day residential course on ‘Value-Sharing and Pratyahara Yoga’ for school students started, supported by the Ministry of HRD, Dept of Education, Govt of India.

1998 :

The concept of establishing an Institute for Human Development accepted in the 1981 seminar on ‘Value Orientation in Human Problem Solving’ took practical shape with the formation of National Institute of Human Development. Visva-Bharati accepted the academic programme for value-based managers.

1999 :

Dr Subir Chowdhury, Managing Trustee, invited to Edinburgh to present the concept of a value-based programme for management development at the Annual Conference of European Foundation for Management Development, Brussels.

2000 :

NIHD accredited by Visva-Bharati as an Associate Institute of Higher Learning. The degree to be awarded by Visva-Bharati.

2001 :

Vivekananda Nidhi positioned in the National Network for Value Education and given the assignment to conduct a national research on Value Education by NCERT.

2005 :

On 24 April to mark the 25th year of Vivekananda Nidhi His Holiness Srimat Swami Atmasthanandaji Maharaj, Vice-President, Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission, unveiled the Silver Jubilee plaque at the Shrirampur Campus.
On15th July to commemorate 25 years of Vivekananda Nidhi, a special programme was organized at the Shrirampur Campus. Honourable Governor of West Bengal Shri Gopalkrishna Gandhi launched the Nidhi's new Teachers' Training Module-'Managing Education in 21st Century for Peace'- and addressed the audience.