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On Maa Sarada


The Holy Mother Saradamoni took up the baton from Sri Ramakrishna and after His demise, dedicated herself to enlightening and liberating the spirit of the suffering masses.Since the focal point of Ramakrishna Vivekananda movement was an all round development of mankind,it dealt with life ,as lived in this world as well as the life beyond.

Holy Mother,as we all know,did not engage herself in any formal discourses;in course of dialogues with her devotees and disciples she used to diffuse pearls of wisdom.By realising God,she used to say,one doesn't get two horns but the individual develops the faculty to discriminate between the real and the unreal.To attain peace,one has to make an earnest effortto make adjustments with things,persons and circumstances, which,in other words,tuned to the principles of adaptation, the ultimate Survival Instinct.However, the principles of adjustments and adaptation have to be discriminated from compromise, to which we often fall victim,to serve our narrow self interest.

To lead a life peaceful and significant,one should consider all others, neighbours, friends, colleagues,relations,even persons not intimately known,----to be one's own.This has to be a life-long process and needs practice to eventually lead us to the realisation of the Ultimate value, the oneness of beings.This saves us from the pangs of the feelings of being a loner,an isolated soul,an alienated existence.

Mother insisted on the spiritual discipline of her devotees and followers.Japa, the sincere and regular repetition of the name of God,She used to say, helps one to steady one's temperament and enables the individual to soar on higher planes.

Raikamal Dasgupta