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How to run an organization: Guidelines from the Holy Mother


How to run an organization: Guidelines from the Holy Mother

Excerpts of Saturday Online discourse by Smt Raikamal Dasgupta

Our Holy Mother Sree Sree Sarada Debi once shared an important piece of information with her devotees regarding the inception of Ramakrishna Mission.Sri Ramakrishna Deb was waiting for the right hour to leave his mortal body, the hour when His disciples would address  their brother disciples as "Naren Bhai",or,Rakhal Bhai" instead of "Narenbabu"or "Rakhal babu", because this feeling of camaraderie is the first and foremost behind the shaping of any Sangha or organization.Next,as She said,this camaraderie should be based on a solid foundation,that was,in this particular case, the love and reverence for Sri Thakur, His life, His teachings and His messages.

The object of the Mission,Maa made it clear,was to provide an abode of peace for the grief stricken people who would wage war against all odds of life  holding dear to their hearts the precious words of Sri Thakur, it was not to be confined to the liberation of souls of some individuals.

The frontline warriors in an organization should foster a spirit of sacrifice,as did the senior monks of Ramakrishna Mission.At the same time the chief of the Mission should entertain a forgiving attitude, without making any compromise as regards the discipline of the same.Maa illustrated with concrete instances.

A clear vision regarding the object of the Mission, foresight and farsightedness are most required in this context to be the leading force of the organization.