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Value Orientation- Vol. XXXVII, No 9, 20 March 2018

Religious bigotry can take unwieldy and ugly turns even today when we talk and boast about nurturing reasons. The recent show of violent protests against exhibition of a Hindi film in public is a case in point. The film is based on a historical anecdote originally authored by a Muslim writer of yore. It describes the lust of a powerful Muslim ruler for a Hindu woman of royal descent who had to lay down her life for pre-serving her honour and modesty. The agitators are of the view that the film has glorified the lustful ruler and belittled the dignity of the lady. They feel that the distortion has been done intentionally. We are not keen to comment on the veracity of the claim of the agitators. We would like to touch upon the issue of distortion of historical reality with refer-ence to the issue of religious belief vis-a-vis exaggerated history as both the issues are subtly related to values.

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